Summer 2014 Newsletter

Love thy neighbour Disputes with neighbours can arise over many things; noise, fences, trees and animals etc. Ideally, you and your neighbour should be able to resolve any problem by discussing it and acting reasonably. However, if this is not possible, the law may be able to help resolve the matter. Encroachment When you purchased […]

Autumn 2014 Newsletter

Your duty of disclosure to your insurer Have you ever had that nagging feeling that your insurer might, just might, find a reason not to pay out on a claim? We all deal with different kinds of insurance; house, contents, life, health, travel, mortgage, income protection, professional liability, public liability, earthquake, builders risk, and, if […]

Summer 2013 Newsletter

DIY and the Law Many New Zealanders are capable of conducting DIY (do-it-yourself) repairs, maintenance and redecorating to their homes. However, it is important to be aware of the restrictions, standards and possible penalties imposed by law. Under the Building Act 2004 (‘the Act’), all building works (whether construction, alteration, demolition or maintenance of new […]

Spring 2013 Newsletter

Estate Planning – Residential Care Loans One of the most vexing questions that we face as we get older is how we will provide for ourselves into our retirement. This necessarily includes planning to ensure that we have sufficient funds to meet our costs in the event that we are placed into long-term residential care […]

Winter 2013 Newsletter

Homeowner Beware! For most homeowners in New Zealand, their home insurance has always been an unspecified ‘replacement’ cost based on the floor area of their home. However, following the Christchurch earthquakes, insurers are now adopting a new home insurance policy whereby all home insurance policies will be based on an ‘insured sum’. The policy change […]

Autumn 2013 Newsletter

Guarantees Acting as a guarantor for someone, often in respect of payment of money, means that you agree to meet their obligations if they do not. Guarantee clauses are common in leases, hire purchase agreements, and in general dealings with a bank. There are potential pit-falls for you to consider when agreeing to be a […]

Summer 2012/2013 Newsletter

New Auckland District Law Society (ADLS) forms The Auckland District Law Society periodically updates its legal forms to keep them current and reflect new laws or practices. The legal forms provided by ADLS are used as standard forms throughout New Zealand This year has seen the introduction of a new edition for both the agreement […]

Spring 2012 Newsletter

The Accident Compensation Corporation There has been a lot of discussion in the news about ACC recently following the difficulties ACC has experienced with release of personal information, and budgetary issues affecting ACC. New Zealand’s ACC system is unique in the world and means that the culture of suing people for personal injury, as shown […]

Winter 2012 Newsletter

Defamation Defamation claims have been a topic of interest lately with high profile figures such as Chris Cairns and Judith Collins taking legal action because they believe their reputations have been attacked. What is Defamation? Defamation in New Zealand is governed by the Defamation Act 1992, which is designed to protect a person’s reputation against […]

Autumn 2012 Newsletter

Changes to road and driving laws The Land Transport (Road Safety and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2011 (‘the Act’) came into effect last year as a response to public demands for better protection for young drivers. Calls for legal reform were motivated by the over-representation of young drivers in crash statistics. The 2010 Ministry of […]

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