Family Law

Family law need not be about conflict and disputes. We can help you work through the issues in a way which also aims to preserve future communication and goodwill while achieving positive results.

Relationship property agreements – during a relationship

After just three years of living together, your partner or spouse may have a claim to 50% of your assets. This represents a huge risk to your wealth and future financial security.

You can protect against this risk by entering into a relationship property agreement, in which you and your partner agree on how your property will be divided between you on separation or death. We prepare comprehensive agreements, tailor-made to your circumstances, with full disclosure of assets to ensure that your agreement is as robust and reliable as possible. We aim to give you peace of mind.

Separation agreements

We can advise you on your rights and obligations following separation. We work with you to try and achieve resolution of your property affairs with your ex-partner in a way that is fair to you, and that is realistic and workable. We can prepare agreements appropriate to your specific circumstances, and will think outside the box to arrive at a resolution of your property affairs which works for you.

Care of children

Once you have children, the other parent will likely be a permanent fixture in your life. In most cases, you will need to maintain a relationship with the other parent to facilitate care of your children, at least until they are 18.

We can advise you on your rights and obligations for the care of and access to your children.

We work with you to negotiate agreements for your children’s care with the other parent, in a way that promotes a continuing co-parenting relationship (if not friendship) with the other parent, and establish workable, real solutions to your parenting issues.

Dissolution of marriage

In most cases, after you have been living apart for two years, you can obtain a dissolution of marriage yourself, by completing and swearing the documents found on the family court website here and we encourage our clients to do this where appropriate.

We can prepare and lodge an application for dissolution if you need help, or if there are complications which mean extra documents or steps are necessary.


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