Property Law

We are skilled and experienced in all types of property transactions. We work to achieve optimum results for you.

Property transactions we are involved in:

Houses and Subdivisions

  • Commercial developments
  • Hotels and motels
  • Foreign investments in New Zealand
  • Ship and chattels transactions
  • Leasing
  • Rural property and farms
  • Financing, loans and guarantees

The New Zealand system of ownership of land includes a government-guaranteed system of title. Once you are registered as owner, the state guarantees your ownership and the boundaries, location and area of the land, and will provide compensation for an owner’s loss through fraud or mistake

Quick property law facts

  • The purchase of land by overseas residents may require special permission. Check overseas Investment Office information here.
  • Don’t get caught out when buying second hand chattels (vehicles, boats, electronic equipment). Check the Personal Properties Register website here for prior interests before you buy.